Where to Connect with Marketers and Entrepreneurs in the Boston Area

Where to Connect with Marketers and Entrepreneurs in the Boston Area
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Recently, I have been coming across events in the Boston area geared toward marketers and entrepreneurs. I thought I would share the ones I have found and ask readers to write in with others.

ONEin3’s Twitter account is a good resource. The organization is focused on millennials and features various resources related to professional and recreational events and activities in the Boston area. I have noticed a number of events that would appeal to marketers and entrepreneurs.

Boston’s Web Innovators Group meets once a quarter to showcase demos by local startups and to serve as a place to share ideas. It is open to everyone in the web and mobile innovation space. You can reach them on Twitter @webinno.

WeWork is a work space for entrepreneurs and small startups. With offices in major cities around the United States and a double presence in Boston in the Seaport and South Station areas, WeWork also hosts a variety of networking events, which you can learn more about in the community section of the website. WeWork offers a variety of membership types and tweets @WeWork.

CIC is another space for startups and entrepreneurs in Cambridge (and has another office in St. Louis). These commonly asked questions and this video provide an introduction to the space. Twitter: @cicnow.

The Venture Café Foundation hosts several types of events:


Venture Café: described on its website as “[place-based] social networking for Boston’s startup set.” It hosts networking and advising weekly on Thursdays at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

District Hall is a space in the “Boston Seaport Innovation District.” I went to an event at District Hall the other day hosted by IvyConnect.

Captains of Innovation Program is a networking and learning program for entrepreneurs. According to its website, “The program involves organized roundtables and gatherings to help companies connect with the Boston startup ecosystem.”


#TechTuesdays is held once a month at Kingston Station in Boston and is a general networking event at the restaurant / bar / café. I heard about this through an employee at ZEFR.

AMA Boston provides a variety of opportunities for marketers to meet each other and network. On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, AMA Boston is hosting a volunteer recruitment event for people interested in “Communications, Social Media, Membership, Programming, Sponsorship, and more.” The event is free, and attendees can get information about the event and register for it here. Tweet to them @amaBoston to find out more.

The Startup Institute is designed to help people succeed at and get jobs at startups.

Do you know of other events and communities for marketers and entrepreneurs that we should know about? Tweet @rockonink, or contact me at, and I’ll add it to the list.

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